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16-18 Seater Minibus Hire

We can facilitate your travel plans at very affordable hire rates to any corner in Bath. Discounts coupled with other lucrative incentives work to drive down the hire price for the 16-18 seater to a level you can manage comfortably. There is no need to tolerate exploitation in the jaws of our competitors when we are ready and more than willing to accommodate you. Our premium and standard cars are designed to give you quality at a quote too sweet to resist.

Effective Organizational Structure

Affordability is not the only trait synonymous with Travel Eaze, in fact, it is one of the numerous qualities we have managed to cultivate for the over 15 years we have been in business. Remember also that we are very efficient in that we deliver our transfer services within the stated time frame. Thanks to our organizational structure and its robust nature, we are able to mobilize resources with great ease and in time. From the top, middle management, to customer care personnel to drivers, we work as one in coordination of our business activities for the purpose of responding to your travel needs effectively. Our system is very efficient in that our drivers take less than 20 minutes to come to you regardless of distance. 

Personalized Services and Quality Vehicles

In Taunton, Glastonbury, Cheltenham and Yeovil, we are the leading firm in providing personalized 16-18 seater rides for clients traveling as a group. This is possible due to the large number of minibuses and drivers hired to achieve our objective. With over 80 vehicles and a large team of competent drivers, we have managed to develop superior travel solutions for all market segments in the region. Are you aware that we offer door to door pick-ups and drop-offs at no extra charge? Engage us through our various booking platforms to experience first-class rides.

If you care for your life when traveling, partner with us for safe and comfortable transfer to your destination. Our vehicles are licensed and comprehensively insured to help us operate anywhere in Bath. Our legitimacy gives us credentials to convince our clients that we are genuine and thus offer authentic travel service to our clients. When you partner with us, we offer you stable and well-serviced vehicles for first-class travel to your destination. Besides this, we have installed safety devices like speed governor and safety to enhance safety of the 16-18 seater.

The 16-18 seat minibus hire package cannot be complete without the mention its driver; indeed, we have done our homework and hired some of the most experienced drivers in Bath. They are professionals who are CRB checked and have the relevant certifications as proof of their competence. Let us help you get to our destination safely and in good time.

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