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14-16 Seater Minibus Hire

Organizing for group travel can both be time consuming and expensive, especially when you use an incompetent service provider. It can however be less costly if you but partner with us today. We have the expertise and a comprehensive fleet of modern cars to offer personalized travel at a pocket friendly price. Our ability to mobilize resources in a short time makes us very efficient in responding to your travel needs. We do not hesitate to engage us for world-class rides to your destination.

Robust Organizational Structures

We have a very robust organizational structure that enables us to develop travel solutions for groups planning to travel for business or leisure trips to any destination in Bath. We are very active in social media and are interested in what you have to say concerning our company and the suggestions you may have on how to improve our service delivery. Through your feedback and criticism, Travel Eaze has managed to understand you better and to develop appropriate strategies to improve on the quality of our 14-16 seat minibus hire package. The avenues created by our business model are indeed instrumental in increasing our efficiency and building a healthy relationship with our clients.

Round-The-Clock Travel Services

In Cheltenham, Yeovil, Taunton and Glastonbury our 14-16 seater services are available 24/7. Running on this program has greatly improved on our flexibility and consequently impacted on our efficiency in executing our mandate. The fact that you can access our minibus throughout the year regardless of the weather condition, works towards our gaining of your trust and filling the gap that exist in the industry. We have a dedicated staff that works to guarantee round-the-clock taxi services to any destination in the UK. We never shy away to demonstrate our willingness go to any length to satisfy you.

High Standards

In Bath, Travel Eaze has provide 14-16 seater package for over 15 years to corporate organizations and schools with excellent results. Over the period, we have managed to get the relevant experience to provide world-class services to our clients to any destination in the region. It matters little if you have hired the premium or ordinary minibus for your travel, the important thing is that we maintain the highest professional standards without exception. We give you top-notch customer care support and provide competent drivers to get you to your destination safely and in time. Instead of suffering exploitation and humiliation in the hands of our competitors, come to us for VIP treatment all the way.

Our 14-16 seater is modern and in tip-top working order. Thanks to our strict policy of maintaining high standards, we subject this vehicle to intense inspection and servicing after every six weeks. It is thus very safe and comfortable to travel in. The most unique thing about this minibus is that it has large recliner seats and compartments to help you travel stress-free. High-tech surveillance gadgets like the CCTV have also been installed to help monitor the vehicle while on the road. Call us now.

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